About me

“One day I was going to university. It was a cold day. I was wearing a scarf made by Genia. It was warm and nice because the scarf was very long and made of good quality yarn. I met a friend just before the entrance. We greeted each other classically with a kiss on the cheek. She felt how fantastic my scarf is.

-Where did you get? Where did you buy it?
– Gienia made it for me! “
Kasia, 19 years old

This is how the company’s name was created. Initially, I made scarves and hats for friends as gifts for the holidays or for birthdays; larger sizes like the bedspreads, for example, were given as gifts for the wedding, and blankets were for newborn babies’ prams. Of course, everything was unique and personalized.

And now a little retrospection. I learned to crochet when I was 4 years old. My mom was always crocheting everywhere. Napkins, cloths and various elements of costumes for us, her children. Sometimes even larger projects, such as when I was a child, I had a wonderful dress crocheted by her. I loved it! She once showed me how to do it. Although it was a long time ago, I still remember what my first scarf looked like. Eyelets were all over the place, one pulled out, and the other so tight that the crochet hook could barely pass through it. But the more I knitted, the more different things I could do. All dolls had scarves, skirts, and dresses made by me. Soon, I went to a higher level and started knitting napkins, which made me acquainted with all the possible weaves and the crochet hook was always present in my life.

The first cap appeared as a gift for a certain Dominika. She posted a photo of a helmet cap on Facebook and wrote that it would be nice to get one from Santa Claus. As I love to give joy and give presents, I thought that her dream will become a reality. After all, it’s not complicated. There was no end to joy. And so it began, because for the next holidays, I already made a hat for Dominika`s sister and her colleague Rafał, who is also my good friend.

The second very important hobby in my life is the historical reconstruction of needle stitches and the weaving based on archaeological finds, with particular emphasis on the end of the 14th century in central Europe. This requires continuous tracking of the results of archaeological excavations and familiarization with the preserved iconography. During my travels, I visit with great pleasure archaeological, ethnographic and other museums where I can see the preserved fabrics live, see the weaves. Working with silk is my favorite. I invite you to look at the pictures and check the store’s offer. Remember, however, that I am always open to new challenges, so if you would like something special, which is not here on the site, please ask.

Regards – Your Gienia 🙂